Fein Violins Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We take great care in making sure our customers' information is used only for the intent it was given to us. We do not share or sell private information such as phone numbers, emails, addresses, or names, with any entity EXCEPT with our credit card processor (PayPal), and with our shipping carrier (UPS). 

Payments are processed through PayPal to ensure the security of payments and personal information. Your credit card account (including your name, address, phone number, and email) WILL be entered into the PayPal system to process the charge. Except for ongoing Rental Agreements, Fein Violins does not store credit card information once the transaction has been completed.  

Please note- For the protection of musicians everywhere, and ourselves, our Privacy Policy does not pertain to any illegal activity (such as credit card fraud or internet/wire fraud), stolen instruments, or reasonable suspicion of any illegal activity. We reserve the right, and have the legal obligation, to contact the rightful owner of an instrument and/or law enforcement authorities in these cases. Nothing in our Privacy Policy supersedes any Federal, State, or Local law. 

Video Security- For security, your image and voice will be video recorded throughout the public areas of our business. These recordings will be held for a maximum of ten days unless there is any illegal activity or reasonable suspicion of any illegal activity. If any illegal activity has occurred or is suspected, the recordings will be turned over to the police.