da Salo Violin
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da Salo Violins are artisan-crafted for Fein Violins at one of the finest workshops in China. Each instrument is handmade to our high standards by skilled craftspeople. These wonderful violins are then set up with the same care that goes into our European and vintage violins. Handmade and set up with the advancing student in mind with Helicore strings, carbon graphite tailpiece with four fine tuners, and Wittner FineTune pegs. The da Salo violins are easy to play and very easy to keep in tune. No more struggling with below-par strings and ill-fitting pegs! Each violin outift comes complete with a carbon graphite bow and a lightweight, dart shaped case. The violin ships with the bridge and strings in a ready-to-play condition. The best value in a student instrument!

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da Salo Violin

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