Presto Violin
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The best violin outfit available for those on a tight budget! The Presto Violin is made exclusively for Fein Violins at a fine workshop in China. This violin comes ready to play when you open the case.  Good quality Spruce for the top; good quality Maple for the back, sides, and neck; an Ebony fingerboard; Carbon Graphite tailpiece with four fine tuners; hand-fit Maple bridge; and Alphayue strings. And ebony pegs if you choose that option. A great value for any beginning violinist! The Presto Violin comes with a Fein Carbon Fiber bow and a dart-shaped case. 

Violin Maker Andy Fein says-- "Please choose the Wittner FineTune Peg option!" The FineTune pegs are designed for easy tuning and staying in tune. If you're a beginner or someone that doesn't want to spend a lot of time tuning, the FineTune pegs are for you. In fact, they're great for students, fiddlers, violinists that travel frequently, and anyone that wants to spend more time playing and less time tuning. 


Hear Martha McDermott play a presto violin: 


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Presto Violin

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