Italian Violin by Romeo Antoniazzi, Milan, 1907
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Romeo Antoniazzi was a master Italian luthier, born in Cremona in 1862, who was taught by his father, Gaetano. It seems hard to believe now, but when he came of age to work independently, the market conditions in Cremona were very hard. Add to that Romeo's independent streak and his need to distinguish himself from his father and his brother Riccardo, Romeo left Cremona to open his workshop in Milan. However, because his mother city was Cremona, he labelled his violins "fece a Cremona", and declared himself "Antoniazzi Romeo Cremonese".

As a violin maker, Romeo was artistic, spontaneous, and unafraid to show his own distinct styles. He was awarded a Gold Medal at the 1906 Milan Violin Making Exhibition.

This violin, labelled from the year following his Gold Medal, is big and bold. The tone is large and vibrant. Somehow, Romeo's instruments retain that special Cremonese sound, even though they were made about 70 miles away. This is a wonderful and rewarding violin to play!

 This violin has been sold and is no longer available.

 Hear Diane Houser play the Antoniazzi: 

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Italian Violin by Romeo Antoniazzi, Milan, 1907

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