Italian Violin by Rodolfo Fredi, Rome, 1908
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Need a violin made by a Count? Rodolfo Fredi was really, officially, a Count. His official name is Count Rodolfo Fredi! Following in his father's footsteps,( violin maker Count Fabio Fredi) Rodolfo Fredi became both a luthier and a professor of the violin. His earliest instruments date from 1885. As both a violin maker and an excellent player, Rodolfo had a great sense of what makes a violin sing. He used great tone woods of Spruce and Maple and a model based on Stradivari's violins. This violin, made in Fredi's workshop in Rome in 1908, is a player's dream- easy to play and express yourself, with a variety of tonalities you can draw out. A violin made by a true Italian violin connoisseur.



You can hear Martha McDermott play the Fredi:



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Italian Violin by Rodolfo Fredi, Rome, 1908

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