Hand Crafted Pernambuco Violin Bows


Welcome to the VIOLIN BOWS FOR SALE section of our web site. A fine violin bow starts with a detailed study of the great violin bows of Tourte, Vuillaume, and Sartory. I have taken the best artistic and playing characteristics of these bows to create the A. FEIN Pernambuco violin bows. Is a good violin bow worth the investment? Absolutely! Your violin bow is half of your sound! A good violin bow will bring out the best in your instrument and enable you to articulate and shape your sound. 

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Premier Pernambuco violin bow A. Fein gold mounted violin bow Andrew Fein Elite Violin Bow
Andrew Fein Premier Violin BowAndy Fein Soloist Violin BowAndrew Fein Elite Violin Bow







A. Fein Studio Violin Bow FEIN Violin Bow
A. Fein Studio Violin BowFEIN Violin Bow