Francois Costa BRANDENBURG Cello
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The BRANDENBURG model is our most affordable option for a handmade cello. An excellent instrument, it has a wonderful tone and handles comfortably and easily. Made completely from solid wood (as are all our cellos!)- solid Spruce top and solid Maple for the back, sides, and neck. Handcrafted in the workshop of Francois Costa in Markneukirchen, Germany, and finished, set up, and adjusted in our shop by Andy Fein, this cello is a great choice for the player wanting the sound and feel of a fine handmade instrument without the large price tag!

The Brandenburg Cello is paired with a Carbon Bow and a Heavy Duty Padded Cello Bag at no additional charge.


Watch and listen to Megan Scott play this cello with Larsen Strings:

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Francois Costa BRANDENBURG Cello

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