Ettore Soffritti Violin, Ferrara, Italy, 1921
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Master Italian Vioin Maker Ettore Soffritti made his first vioin, when he was eight years old, in the workshop of his father, Luigi. At the young age of fifteen, he opened his own workshop. Working in Ferrara, Italy his entire life, Soffritti maintained a very busy workshop with many apprentices and followers. This violin, from 1921, represents an accumulation of knowledge and models by Soffritti. The corners of the top and back and the eyes of the scroll are rounded off to give a soft, flowing and antiqued look. The varnish shows some of the characteristic crackling, indicating a rich and pliable varnish. Tonally, this violin also ehibits the characteristics instilled in it from a very experienced luthier with a very centered sound capable of nuanced expression.

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Ettore Soffritti Violin, Ferrara, Italy, 1921

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