David Gage Violin Pickup - The Realist

We highly recommend the David Gage / Ned Steinberger designed pickup for violin/viola - The Realist. It is by far the best sounding violin pickup we've seen, tried, and played! The sound is fantastic - clean, clear, and true. Ned Steinberger is the genius behind the NS Design electric violin family. David Gage is a luthier who has an immense amount of experience in instrument pickups. The pickup itself is easy to install on any violin, however, the bridge must be completely removed to install the pickup, and then reset. It will raise the strings about 0.5mm, so it's probably best to have a shop install it for you.

The Realist pickup will easily turn any violin or viola into a great sounding electric instrument. The great advantage is that you can use it on any standard violin. So you can use your own shoulder rest, it will play like a violin, feel like a violin. No need to adjust to the different ergonomics of an electric instrument. And, if you need it to be a "silent" instrument, you can simply put a practice mute on!

Simply put, it's the BEST pickup for a violin or viola. If you play plugged in, get one!

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David Gage Violin Pickup - The Realist

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