Cremonese Violin by Giorgio de la Cremona, 1917
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Giorgio de la Cremona. Only a luthier with great confidence and skill to match could give himself this moniker. Remo de Giorgio was that luthier. Born in 1894 in Castions di Strada, Udine, in northern Italy. Remo de Giorgio studied violin making in Padua and Cremona. Obviously, he felt right at home in Cremona. Home to Stradivarius, Guarnerius, the Amatis, and... Remo de Giorgio. Cremona is the town that nurtured many great Italian makers. He eventually left Cremona to set up his workshop in Castions di Strada. This violin was made during his time in Cremona. A wonderfully rich instrument with the Cremonese sound that violinists yearn for. An excellent instrument for a professional, teacher, soloist or someone that is simply a great lover of violins. Cremonese violins are rare and the attribution is a crown on a finely crafted violin. Giorgio didn't want anyone to miss the attribution. This violin is brand stamped with 18 mm letters "G C" inside on the back and top and on the top underneath the chinrest. 



You can hear Martha McDermott play the Giorgio:



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Cremonese Violin by Giorgio de la Cremona, 1917

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