Carbon Viola by Glasser
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The Carbon Composite VIOLA by Glasser is COOL! Made from the same materials as Carbon Fiber/Carbon Composite bows, the Glasser Carbon viola is nearly indestructible, low maintenance, easy to play, and is far less sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity than a standard wood viola. Need a viola to take on vacation or leave at your vacation home or cabin? This viola is your best candidate. Great for a student that doesn't want to be bothered with the usual care and maintenance of a wood viola. Also great for all those places your good viola might get smashed, cracked, stepped on, or overheated, such as- fiddle festivals, bar gigs, outdoor gigs, or cramped orchestra pits for musicals and operas. An excellent option for areas of extreme weather- the Southwestern U.S., mountain areas, Alaska, Florida, and the Northern Plains. Produced at a price far less than a handmade instrument, and even less than other carbon violas, this is a great value! Set up with Perfection Planetary Pegs and Larsen strings. Our outfit comes complete with viola, dart-shaped case, rosin, and our Carbon bow. The Glasser viola is available in sizes 14", 15", 15.5", and 16". Please allow additional time for delivery, as the Glasser viola is a special order item.

Please note: Weight- This viola is heavy! We strongly suggest using a shoulder rest with the Glasser Carbon violin. It will help you hold it up and reduce neck strain.

This Glasser Carbon Viola would make a great Acoustic/Electric viola using the Realist pickup!


A 5 string (E-A-D-G-C) violin/viola model with a low C string is available in the full (4/4, 14") size.  

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Carbon Viola by Glasser

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