Anthony T. Wrona 7/8 Violin, 1983
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Anthony T. Wrona learned under the great Italian vioin maker and restorer Simone Sacconi at the Wurlitzer shop in New York City. Many of the greatest violins in the world passed through the Wurlitzer shop and Wrona had a chance to study them under Sacconi's tutelage. This violin is Wrona's copy of the Andrea Amati 'King Charles II' violin of 1566.

Made in Buffalo, New York in 1983, with a body length of 351mm (about 13 3/4") this violin fits into the 7/8 catoegory. Great for a player with small hands or a short reach that needs a professional and powerfiul violin. 

The  handwritten label reads: "Made by Anthony T. Wrona, Bfflo, N.Y./ and dedicated to my adopted son Yoshiyuki/ Koshiyama from Sapporo, Japan, copy of Andrea/ Amati  King Charles II 1566, #59. 1983"


Hear Diane Houser play the Wrona: 

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Anthony T. Wrona 7/8 Violin, 1983

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