Andy Fein/Atelier Cremone  CREMONA viola
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The Atelier Cremone CREMONA viola is handcrafted from high quality, high altitude maple and spruce, air dried for more than ten years. A phenomenal choice for the advanced player desiring an instrument that is well suited for solos, chamber music, or orchestral music. Made in the Piedmont region of France and Italy, following the exacting standards of Andy Fein, these violas are finished, set up, and adjusted on site in our St. Paul shop. This ensures that we can tailor the instrument to match your playing needs! A beautifully resonant sound that carries to the back of any hall!


Each viola is matched with a Hybrid bow and a quality case at no additional charge.


Watch and listen to Diane Houser play this viola:

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Andy Fein/Atelier Cremone CREMONA viola

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