1721 LADY BLUNT Stradivarius Model by A. Fein/Atelier Cremone
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Andy Fein's exacting model of the 'Lady Blunt' Stradivarius violin of 1721.

Each master violin is painstakingly hand crafted in the Atelier Cremone workshops of the Piedmont regions of France and Italy, exclusively for Fein Violins, by traditional luthiers. Hand made to Andy Fein's exacting standards, with loving care, to emulate the character and beauty of one of Antonius Stradivarius' greatest violins.  In June of 2011, the 'Lady Blunt' Stradivarius, made in Cremona, Italy in 1721, became the world's highest valued violin, selling for close to $16,000,000.

Superior quality, high altitude, very slow growing Maple and Spruce are chosen for this wonderful violin, with special attention to superior tonal qualities and resonance, and aged for a minimum of 20 years. It has a bright, lively sound and excellent projection, while still possessing the depth and clarity that you would want from a superior instrument. An excellent choice for anyone desiring a violin that is equally suited to demanding solo and group performance. 

Each violin is professionally matched with a Pernambuco violin bow and a quality case at no additional charge.

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 Watch and listen to Amy Tobin play this violin:

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1721 LADY BLUNT Stradivarius Model by A. Fein/Atelier Cremone

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